lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

Busy Week!

Whew, my week has been full of activities!!
First, an outfit shot of from Saturday!
Jacket, shirt - Liz Lisa
Pants - Mary Rose
Bag - Glitter
Shoes - Second hand
And then I have to write about this awesome thing that happened to me last Friday!
I was waiting for the bus to go to my coworkers farewell party, when japanese woman started talking to me and asked where the railway station is. I was trying to show her the way from the map, but while I was doing so my bus went past me :'D So I said I could guide her there, since I was heading to that direction anyway! While we were walking I tried to speak some japanese with her, and she asked me to have dinner with her! Of course I said yes : D
So, not gonna spam you with long stories, but we met each other twice after that, but unfortunately she had to go back to Japan last Thursday >: Nevertheless, I had great time with her, here's a picture of us from last Sunday when we were walking around Helsinki doing some sightseeing! : )
Lunch time with lovely Asami!

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  1. I love your bag and shoes! : D

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ I think those are the cheapest ones in this outfit because the bag was on sale and shoes cost me 4€ :'D