maanantai 28. heinäkuuta 2014

I'm moving!->

Hello everyone!
I am super thankful for everyone who has followed CottonCandyGarden. But it's time to move under a new roof now!

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torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

Picnic☆Meetup '14

Gyaru Finland had its second (dare I say ANNUAL??) Picnic Meetup last Saturday! Here is some evidence in form of pictures!
We had 14 participants, which was quite a nice amount in my opinion! Alas, I didn't get to talk with everyone this time either, but I guess that is normal. Hopefully everyone had a good time! ^^

I arrived about an hour early in the park where we were going to have the picnic because by some miracle I was ready well before the meet up was going to start. So I was sitting around on my own for a while, and after some time Sari and Jade joined me! Sari was as lovely as ever, and it was my first time meeting Jade, who is such a sweetheart as well, awww! ♥ Anni also joined us shortly after! ♥
Sofia picked rest of the crew from the train station and finally everyone was ready to picnic!

I asked for some guy to take a group picture of us, and then people from their group wanted to take a picture with us as well :'D

Me and Sofia were the hostesses of this meetup, I am so happy I didn't have to arrange this one alone. Even though it might not seem like a bunch of work, it's still a lot nicer having somebody to discuss the options with and decide the place to go etc. Thank you Sofia!

With Anni ♥ She is always so nice and sweet and I always feel really calm and relaxed around her!
(ノ)´∀`(ヾ) And thank you so much for the bags you brought me, wah!

 My outfit, which doesn't really have anything special! Shoes and cap are from eBay, top and shorts are offbrand, and belt and wristfluffythingies are second hand.

Group pictures from Sari's camera, these are so much brighter ^^' Have to check my camera mode a bit better next time!

 With Sari, she was so pretty with her new Jesus Diamante dress!! (*´∀`*)

With Jade~♥ Team caps and twintails! Unfortunately other cap is missing here but you can imagine it there!

After having the picnic we went to the center to eat at Burger King and left our separate ways after eating!
Thank you everyone, I had a fun day and hopefully we'll see each other again soon! ^^

tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2014


I met my lovely nugguts a while ago, we went to see some sakura blossoms~ Have some pictures!

 Pin bought us some cute candies! Mine said "baby" ♥


And trying to look cute~ 


 As always we had to go to McDonald's to eat something,
but I was the only one with nuggets ; _ ; You traitors! *shakes fist*

My outfit~
Dress and jacket - Liz Lisa
Everything else from random shops

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014


Hello everyone! Hopefully the beginning of this year has treated you kindly. I have been quite busy, since I moved to a new apartment just a week ago! I moved on Friday and was responsible for arranging a gyaru meetup on the following Saturday. I was really tired at the meetup, but it was really nice to meet new people again! I wasn't as social as I wanted to be, but I'll blame it on the busy days before the meetup. I hope next time we can have some more activities and since summer is coming, maybe we can hang out outside a bit more~ ^^ Picnic and beach meetups would be awesome!

©Milla Katajisto
There were quite a lot of people so I was pleased! ^^ Unfortunately not everyone who were going to attend could make it that day after all, but hopefully next time! We might have to book some place to fit all of us!

 My outfit! Our theme was white and I decided on my clothes on Saturday morning, haha ^^' Shirt is LizLisa, skorts LizLisa(replica?) ans shoes are secondhand~ I didn't have time to work with any of my new wigs, or with this one either, so it was a bit messy to say the least, haa =_=' Next time I will be more prepared, I promise!

 With lovely Anni♥

My partner in derp, Kati♥

Overall the meetup was a success I think, it was a bit difficult due to lack of space to spend time and get to know everyone, Kluuvi is really not the most optimal place for that. Next time, next time~

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this meetup and will attend the next one(s) as well! ^^

maanantai 27. tammikuuta 2014


Yesterday we had another mini meetup with some friends~ We didn't really do much, our plan was to take pictures and after that, eat :'D Well, we talked a lot, and that was awesome!

We got some souvenirs from Ronja, thank you~♥

I made a new hair do on my wig, I think it turned out pretty cute~

We are pretty gurls~♥

With Kati ♥

Today was the third time I was wearing proper, full lower lashes. I should know this already, but it really makes a difference to have good ones. The ones I have ordered from eBay have a really thick and inflexible band so it's really difficult to position them and they kind of start to fall off from the edges. The ones I am wearing here are Dolly Wink no. 5 Real Nude. Upper lashes are Kati's recommendation, Diamond Lash Angel Eye or something like that~

I love my new hat, I added a lace band and some flowers on it to make it a bit more special~♥

After eating some chicken we went to eat some more chicken and ice cream at McDonald's, like trügyarus!

I had a lot of fun once again, thanks girls~

tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013


Hello again! I can't remember if I have ever been this active here, but I wanted to post my part of our Gyaru Finland December blog challenge! The topic this month was to show your everyday look and your dressed up look!

The one on the left was taken today and the one on the right is from last autumn! I wish I would've had two new pictures but I don't think I have any pictures of me being dressed up that I haven't posted here, haha ^^'

Anyways! I work in an office so it would be okay for me to look as dressed up as I want, we don't have any dress codes or such. But as I am quite a sleepy person I can't be bothered on most mornings :'D I actually decided to take a picture of myself today as a good example although it's actually not completely truthful, since today was a bit of an exception. But it's a good contrast! I didn't do my hair at all, nor did I have any make up. I also didn't wear any jewelry. Usually on work days I curl my hair a bit, put some eyebrow pencil and eyeliner and have some rings or a necklace. Clothes-wise this is pretty much what I always wear. Usually I have skinny jeans, a top and some sort of knit. Color of choice is pink and white, and I like floral pattern~ I do have regular contacts but they sometimes start itching so usually I just wear my glasses on most days. I have never had long nails since even my own nails start bugging me if I need to type on the keyboard.

On dressy days I have uncomfortable heels, wig (since I wasn't blessed with nice hair), circle lenses, more makeup than usually with some false lashes, my nicer clothes and so on. I don't have different wardrobes for normal and more fancy days, I try to mix them, but sometimes I feel my normal look is too boring for my prettiest clothes :'D I kind of would want to turn my normal look nicer as well, but at least for now I am too lazy.

I also did some shopping recently! I love snowflakes so I needed to get these earrings! I am not crazy about the black snowflakes though, I think I'll try to paint them pink or something.
Also I got all excited about nails this Sunday since Pin and Ronja both had such nice nails! I just bought these cheap ones from sale, they were actually just 3€ :'D They have their own glue but I heard such horror stories of people removing their nails that were glued on that I decided to get those nail stickers instead so I can only wear them for a day or so! Well, I couldn't find them from Helsinki so I have to order them from online! Can't wait to try them on! *3*

Hope you all had a great year and the next one is going to be even better! Off to new challenges!
Happy New Year 2014! (。◕ ∀ ◕。)♥

sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013


Hello everyone! How has the last Sunday of this year treated you?
I went to meet some gyaru friends, it has been a while since we met so I was very excited, even though it was going to be only three of us!

As usual, we went to take some pictures in Kluuvi. It was nice to notice that now it was prohibited to hang out in the top floor if you are under 18. I wouldn't mind, but previously when we have visited there there has been some very rude kids. It's too bad they are ruining it for everyone though, but at least maybe it will be calmer now.

It was so difficult to get a picture where everyone is jumping at the same time :'D

My outfit was very simple and comfortable, since usually I have really uncomfortable shoes and then I get tired of walking really quickly ^^' This time I was wiser!

 Ronja and me ♥

And an awesome gif that shows our smooth moves!

I managed to lose my rings to Kluuvi, I am a bit bummed since one of them was my favourite which I bought from Kyoto last March! Also one of my favourite glasses got broken, it's actually the second glass in the same design since my roommate broke the first one :'D Maybe I need to order a third one, third time's the charm, right?

Yesterday I also decided to spend some money and bought a new camera!
Sony NEX-3N
I didn't have many preferences except that it would be nice if it was white and had some nice effects already in the camera :'D Also it would be a plus if there would be that flippy part so you can see the picture if you're taking one of yourself! I went to with my boyfriend and just played around with different ones and this was the nicest one~ He was also very pleased since I bought a new mouse, my previous one was a very cute one but didn't suit playing games that well :'D All of the pictures in this post are taken with my new camera, so hopefully the quality of the pictures will be better from now on! : )

I am getting quite excited about my upcoming trip to Tokyo as well, waaah *3* Can't wait to go shopping and meeting some friends over there! Hopefully it won't be boring since I am travelling alone again, maybe I can meet some new people this time around as well! ^^

Have a nice week~