sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013


Hello everyone! How has the last Sunday of this year treated you?
I went to meet some gyaru friends, it has been a while since we met so I was very excited, even though it was going to be only three of us!

As usual, we went to take some pictures in Kluuvi. It was nice to notice that now it was prohibited to hang out in the top floor if you are under 18. I wouldn't mind, but previously when we have visited there there has been some very rude kids. It's too bad they are ruining it for everyone though, but at least maybe it will be calmer now.

It was so difficult to get a picture where everyone is jumping at the same time :'D

My outfit was very simple and comfortable, since usually I have really uncomfortable shoes and then I get tired of walking really quickly ^^' This time I was wiser!

 Ronja and me ♥

And an awesome gif that shows our smooth moves!

I managed to lose my rings to Kluuvi, I am a bit bummed since one of them was my favourite which I bought from Kyoto last March! Also one of my favourite glasses got broken, it's actually the second glass in the same design since my roommate broke the first one :'D Maybe I need to order a third one, third time's the charm, right?

Yesterday I also decided to spend some money and bought a new camera!
Sony NEX-3N
I didn't have many preferences except that it would be nice if it was white and had some nice effects already in the camera :'D Also it would be a plus if there would be that flippy part so you can see the picture if you're taking one of yourself! I went to with my boyfriend and just played around with different ones and this was the nicest one~ He was also very pleased since I bought a new mouse, my previous one was a very cute one but didn't suit playing games that well :'D All of the pictures in this post are taken with my new camera, so hopefully the quality of the pictures will be better from now on! : )

I am getting quite excited about my upcoming trip to Tokyo as well, waaah *3* Can't wait to go shopping and meeting some friends over there! Hopefully it won't be boring since I am travelling alone again, maybe I can meet some new people this time around as well! ^^

Have a nice week~

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