maanantai 27. tammikuuta 2014


Yesterday we had another mini meetup with some friends~ We didn't really do much, our plan was to take pictures and after that, eat :'D Well, we talked a lot, and that was awesome!

We got some souvenirs from Ronja, thank you~♥

I made a new hair do on my wig, I think it turned out pretty cute~

We are pretty gurls~♥

With Kati ♥

Today was the third time I was wearing proper, full lower lashes. I should know this already, but it really makes a difference to have good ones. The ones I have ordered from eBay have a really thick and inflexible band so it's really difficult to position them and they kind of start to fall off from the edges. The ones I am wearing here are Dolly Wink no. 5 Real Nude. Upper lashes are Kati's recommendation, Diamond Lash Angel Eye or something like that~

I love my new hat, I added a lace band and some flowers on it to make it a bit more special~♥

After eating some chicken we went to eat some more chicken and ice cream at McDonald's, like trügyarus!

I had a lot of fun once again, thanks girls~

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