perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014


Hello everyone! Hopefully the beginning of this year has treated you kindly. I have been quite busy, since I moved to a new apartment just a week ago! I moved on Friday and was responsible for arranging a gyaru meetup on the following Saturday. I was really tired at the meetup, but it was really nice to meet new people again! I wasn't as social as I wanted to be, but I'll blame it on the busy days before the meetup. I hope next time we can have some more activities and since summer is coming, maybe we can hang out outside a bit more~ ^^ Picnic and beach meetups would be awesome!

©Milla Katajisto
There were quite a lot of people so I was pleased! ^^ Unfortunately not everyone who were going to attend could make it that day after all, but hopefully next time! We might have to book some place to fit all of us!

 My outfit! Our theme was white and I decided on my clothes on Saturday morning, haha ^^' Shirt is LizLisa, skorts LizLisa(replica?) ans shoes are secondhand~ I didn't have time to work with any of my new wigs, or with this one either, so it was a bit messy to say the least, haa =_=' Next time I will be more prepared, I promise!

 With lovely Anni♥

My partner in derp, Kati♥

Overall the meetup was a success I think, it was a bit difficult due to lack of space to spend time and get to know everyone, Kluuvi is really not the most optimal place for that. Next time, next time~

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this meetup and will attend the next one(s) as well! ^^

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