lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012

The Brainwasher

Today I went to search for a winter coat. It seems that if you are living in Helsinki and are over 128cm tall, the chances are your wintercoat is going to be black, white or dark blue or red . _ . Well, I have some options from eBay and such, but I am always a bit suspicious about ordering winter jackets from Asia, since their winter is... not the same :'D And I get chilly easily =_='
Anyhoo, here's my shopping outfit+face, I decided to go with a dress since I wasn't going to try on anything else but jackets~

Dress - Liz Lisa
Boots - Deary
Bag - Random shop in Harajuku
Coat - Vero Moda

Gah, I need to improve my posing :'D

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