maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

Japan Haul

Hello everyone! How was your Easter? I have been mostly playing on my computer, took some pictures and just relaxed talking with my friends online~

I have been asked to post what I bought on my vacation in Japan, so I took some pictures! I didn't take pictures of jewelry and the random small cute things I bought, mainly because they are already scattered around my room and for some reason my camera doesn't seem to focus well enough for those, in these pictures there are some blurred edges and stuff like that as well, maybe I should buy a new one?

New purses!! 
Sorry about the horrible lighting, I tried to adjust
it but didn't succeed that well . _ .'

Not even all of the makeup I bought, ehehee~
Fell in love with Jewel Pets so had to get this mug ♥ !

I bought like 10 of those cheatoverkneesockstockings :'D
I just find them so convenient!!
Spent some time with Ufo Catchers to get me some Alpacasso ♥
Bought some killer souvenirs for my sister.
Any Final Fantasy VII fans? That is a Black Materia pendant ♥
And that's most of it. In hindsight I don't even feel like I bought that much, haha! Next time I'll try to post some of the pictures I took while I was in Japan : )

Have a great day! ♥

18 kommenttia:

  1. Tosi ihania juttuja kaikki!♥

  2. Jos joskus päätät hylätä noi cowboy bootsit, ni adoptoin ne mielelläni. Ja tuun joskus baijaan sun alpakkoi. ;D

    1. Haha, oon kyl sen verran kiintynyt moisiin buutseihin, et saas nähdä kyllästynkö ennen kun oon kuluttanut ne puhki ; D Mut pidän mielessä!
      Tule! Miutakin voit baijata samalla! ♥

  3. voi vitsit mitä kaikkee ihanaa oto ostanu! =)

  4. Ihania ostoksia <3 <3 Ja voi vitsit odotan innolla matka kuvia <3

    1. Kiitos Kati ♥ Yritän viikonloppuna postata matkakuvat! ^^

  5. wow :) such a great haul *^*
    I love the bags and the shoes and I totally have a crush on comfy knit sweaters :D
    I think if I´d go to Japan my haul would look very similar to yours ^.^

    1. Hehe, thanks! ^^
      I wear knitted sweaters almost daily, so I was very happy to find such cute ones, in Finland I have only found very basic ones T_T
      Haha, you would've been great shopping company then! ^^

  6. Oh my gosh! Everything is super cute ><
    I'm extremely jealous ;)
    I want all of your new shoes and clothing! xD

    1. Ah, thank you~ But you don't need to be, your life is already full of cuteness!! : D