perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

My Summer 2013 (picture heavy)

I have been such a lazy blogger during the summer! In the beginning of this summer I felt like shit and didn't have much inspiration for anything really, but things turned out great after all, I think at the moment I must be the happiest I have been in a long time! So anyways, here are some random pictures from this summer! :3

My friend came to visit me at the end of May, I am so glad he
kept me company while I was feeling the worst.
I moved to a studio apartment in the beginning oh June but
couldn't really enjoy it to the fullest in the beginning since
I was feeling down.
I think this was my first ootd from my new apartment.

I kind of had to force myself to get interested in doing something
with my appearance again and try to get to know new people.
Friends came to visit and we played Zombies!!!

Got my inspiration back~ Also met a wonderful boy
who made me very happy.
Got a box with 5 alpacas in it! Awesome colleagues!
Went to Helsinki Pride with my sister!
Tried to make myself look like a guy.
Took it easy.
Realized how beautiful I actually am.
Lanttukukko ♥
Went to movies with my sister. Watched World War Z.
Got a haircut.
Worked with our cosplay outfits.
Went through old toys...
...and pictures. I think this is from 8th grade?
Met Misa and Yuumi! It was a great day!

Saw Rihanna perform live, she was so cool!
Went on a date at the Natural History Museum of Helsinki.
Went to Linnanmäki with friends!
This does not make me happy.
Practiced doing my make up.
And I guess that's pretty much it. I really want to get back to taking more proper outfit pictures, I feel really inspired to improve my style and I kind of feel like making it lean more towards to the gyaru style during my free time :3 Also I would love to get some new friends with the same interests so I am working on that as well!

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