sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2013

~Month Away~

Hello everyone~ I just noticed due to Facebook updates that Christmas Eve is only a month away! I haven't even bought any gifts yet, gah! Should probably get to that soon to avoid the annual panic...

Today I went to have some "coffee" with Miinu and Kati. I already wore lenses yesterday so I wanted to let my eyes rest. Also my eyelid got irritated from lashes so I only wore short ones on the outer corners. But at least it wasn't as heavy on my eyes, so that was nice!

Our plan was to go see the Christmas lights being lit on Aleksanterinkatu, but it was so bright (as you can see) when we went there around 3 PM. that we decided to come back later. So we went to a cafe and after that, McDonald's :'D After all the talking we decided to go walk around since it was dark already! The lights looked really pretty and it didn't feel like Finland at all!

Did some grocery shopping and I decided to try to be healthy and eat salad at work! I have also been thinking about starting to go to the gym since we now have one for our company use in the same building I work in... I just need the motivation to start! :'D

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