lauantai 9. kesäkuuta 2012

Ikea Saturday

I went to Ikea with my brother-in-law today. After walking around the "exhibition"part of the place we were ready to eat. I took the kid's meal and I was SO happy with it. It was just the right amount of food, and so CHEAP! Only 1,50€ with drink included *_* The cup of fruits was also 1,50€, but I wanted to have some sort of small almost healthy dessert.
The meal of my dreams~
Want, why don't I need this . _ .
There were some stuff I _really_ wanted to buy but since I live with 2 other people I don't have that much space here for "unnecessary" things. So for example that cute tray had to stay behind... I am also hoping to buy a new closet soon, so I have to save my pennies!
I didn't even have to carry my stuff, yay!
And to end this post, some random face shots! I tried to take a picture of my outfit with little success . _ . I had my awesome dress that I use quite rarely since the sleeves are a bit hard to stuff under any jacket or cardigan.
Dress - Liz Lisa            Jacket - Second hand

I really need to find a way to style my hair! I had some roseclips but they can't be seen in these pictures. Oh, how I wish I had long and thick hair . _ .

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