keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

Past weeks

Here are some random pictures from past weeks!

From the botanic graden

On my way to the post office.

I went to my parent's place last weekend and got some anti age lotion samples from mom. I was also going through all my old stuff to figure out what to sell at a flea market next week's weekend!

And finally my recent purchases. I needed shorter pajama pants for the summer (especially since I don't have a small window that I can open in my room, ugh) and some sunglasses and an umbrella!

I have received lots of good news recently! To name few my friend is going to go study in Kyoto, which I'm super happy for her! What makes me even happier is that she invited me to visit her while she's staying there! SO! I have to start saving my pennies and if I am lucky enough I might go to Kyoto next winter or spring! n_n

Also, a dear friend of mine is going to move in as my roommate soon! <3 All I can say about that is GAMING NIGHTS!!! \o/

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hi love,

    Gladly follow you via GCF!


  2. Aww the stuff you're going to sell looks nice! I think I spot a skirt on the left that looks really good. Why are you selling it? And why don't you sell it on a flea market close to me xD :(
    Thank you so much for your comment, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to go through a situation like this.. I'm just so afraid to be alone. I'm scared that I'll never find anyone who loves me again :S :( :(

    1. I'm not, I was just going trough all my stuff that was at my parents' place! : ) But I noticed the fabric had ripped, since it's really thin >: Have to check if I can sew it back together somehow!!

      I understand how you feel!! And if the feeling seems to stay maybe you and your boyfriend can get back together again and work your issues out! : )
      But even if you broke up with him for good, I am SURE you will find your prince someday, you're still so young so you shouldn't worry about stuff like that! ^^ Stay positive and everything will turn out ok!