sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

Shorts & top - H&M  Ruffletop - Liz Lisa  Shoes - Some shop from Yesstyle  Jewelry - eBay & random shop in Japan
Today I went to take some pictures with my sister, here's some of them!

We took so many pictures, but most were either too dark or super green due to all the plants around us ^^'
Oh how I love the scent of blossoms~
My simple hairdo

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  1. oletpas nätti^^ ja kiva blogi! :) vastasin btw kommenttiisi~

  2. Kiitos paljon! ^^ Ja kiitoksia myös että liityit lukijaksi~!

  3. So lovely blog! I really enjoyed reading it!
    What do u say about following each others blog?

    Have a Great Weekend,

  4. Thank you! : )
    Sure, your blog seems very interesting! ^^

  5. Very nice dress!!!

    Kisses from Italy