lauantai 14. heinäkuuta 2012

Hair, hair and hair.

So like I said in the previous post, this one will be about hair.

To say the least, I have always had quite a lot of difficulties with my hair. Mainly because it is super thin. And when I say thin, I mean _thin_. So I have had my share of trouble for finding a nice hairstyle, since all of them tend to not just look better with thick hair, but actually look bad with thin hair.
When I was in junior high school I started to dye my hair quite often. With some special colors, I mean. These days all of these are quite common, at least in Helsinki, but I remember people laughing and pointing at me in my hometown back then. But since I was such a snowflake I probably just took it as a compliment, haha.
And I know some of you are probably thinking now something along the lines "Well your hair must be thin because you have dyed it so often!", BUT. When I'm looking at these pictures I see my hair looks way more thick in those pictures than it does now (and I had dyed my hair for quite a long time before my first blue dye!).  Anyways, the reason why my hair is really thin now, at least I think, is because one and a half year ago I had a super stressful school game project where I was the project leader. I also took permanent curls last May. And finally, I had some unfortunate events in my family since the end of last year, so I'm still quite stressed over a lot of stuff. It feels like my hairbrush is always full and so much hair is falling out ; _ ;
The only good thing about my hair that I can think of is that it really very soft and silky, so it feels nice. But I would rather have it looking awesome. At least my natural color is very much to my liking these days!

So like a year ago I started eating these capsules called Priorin. I don't really see much difference (might be due to the reasons mentioned above) but my mom said my hair looks thicker. So.... who knows! I'm not eating those at the moment, but I think I'll start again now that I have a salary and not just my student allowance : D

Anyways, I've been trying to grow my hair long for two years now. The progress has been quite slow, and I'm not sure if my own hair is made for lenghty locks. So I'm going to cut my hair short, and just possibly purchase a wig! But let's see.
My current hair after shower and without products.
  So, here's some hairstyles I'm fond of/considering. Most of them are from and others are just by googling "short hair" or something along those lines!

Some sort of very short bob. I loooove the most bottom one, but my hair is straight as an arrow so I don't know if I would be able to style it like that (in a way that it would stay like that longer than half an hour...).

Something "inbetweenish", still quite long but a bit more boyish.

 SHORT! The last one at least doesn't require a huge amount of hair, I suppose.
And my favourite that I already posted before, but still: PRETTY!!!

Even though I still have like two weeks before my hairdresser appointment I think I'll have a difficult time deciding what to do. Hopefully the hairdresser can help me decide which style would suit the shape of my face and my hair type.

Sorry for the superlong post and rant : D Any comments about hair (or anything else!) is very welcome, this is one of my favourite subjects since I'm always struggling with my hair ^^'

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  1. Yks juttu, jonka huomasin omalla kohdallani auttaneen tosi paljon hiusten kuntoon, on yöksi hiusten letittäminen. Hiukset ei enää oo niin huonokuntoiset ja katkeilleet ku ennen.


    1. Haa, pitääpä kokeilla! Kiitoksia vinkistä! :)
      Ahaha, tuo video oli aivan ihana :'D