tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2012

Vacation Pic Spam!

I didn't do anything super special during vacation, just visiting my relatives in a small town and hanging at my parents' place. Anyways, here's some pictures from my summer vacation 2012!!

From Kuhmo

Uncle's lady friend's cute puppy <3

From Lappeenranta
Bunch of rings I bought in the wrong size, luckily I could change them to smaller ones :'D
I went to a couple of flea markets with Henna <3
Wanted to try this hairstyle, needs a bit of tweaking but I looooove it <3
I DO have shorts as well! :'D
Made fruit salad with my sister for breakfast!
I also received some packages today~ About these in the next post! o7
Thanks for reading! ^^

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