maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2012

Summer Greetings~

Long time no update! Not much has happened, but here's some pictures!!
 My midsummer was quite boring. I just stayed at home with my parents. Also I had some sort of rash next to my eye so that's why I'm wearing huge sunglasses (and it was a sunny day) and no make up under those!
I had time to meet Piia! She is so pretty and stylish *_* We went to sit in a cafe and wandered around shops, it was very relaxing~ I also saw Henna later that day, but I don't have any photos of that :/ Also, here's a very bad quality mirror picture of what I wore that day!
Shirt - Liz Lisa  Jeans & Bag - H&M  Shoes - eBay
When I came back home last Wednesday I saw a full rainbow for the first time in my life! But I was in a train and didn't get a good picture of it. But when I got back to my apartment there was another pretty one! The picture doesn't quite portray how big and bright it was irl, though.

And for this weekend my dear Maria came to visit <3 I had such a great time with her, we just talked and went shopping and saw a movie! I wish we could see each other more often, it's too bad we always live in different cities >:
I look huge!! Maria looks cute <3
Aaaannnddd that's about it, I guess! I hope it's sunny during weekend so I can go to the beach with my sister and enjoy the warmth of the summer : ) I'm going to do a purchase post as soon as possible as well!

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  1. Toi eka kuva on ku joku Hollywood julkkis, koska arskat ja hattu.

    1. Joo, en vaa halua et miuta tunnistetaan kadulla kun oon niin fame ; D