lauantai 1. joulukuuta 2012

1st of December

Hello everyone. It's getting closer to one dreaded date again....

I'm getting older again!!! Because, as we all know, you only get older when you have your birthday.... right?
I'm not experiencing any acute case of age crisis, yet, but I think it's slowly catching up with me, waah!! TnT

So, off to more cheerful stuff! Today is 1st day of December! And as I happen to know awesome people, one of those lovely creatures made me a Christmas calendar! ; _ ; Thank you Kriina!!
"Soul mates"

Can't wait to open the rest of them! ^^ I also have a chocolate one, since it was so cheap and I felt chocolate every morning before I go to work might be nice : D

Today I also went to buy some Christmas present, but since some of those are meant for people who might read this blog I'm not going to show any pictures. I did take some from my face and outfit though, so here you go!
Hair do was completely destroyed due to wind and hood . _ .

I know that sock and shoe combination makes my legs look really thick and short, but I wanted to keep my legs warm~ Also, I love those shoes, I think they are simple yet cute ^u^

Have a nice weekend~

6 kommenttia:

  1. Sallaaa~

    1. Eih sinä seireeni, viettelet miut houkutuksiin D:

  2. Your hair looks so lovely. x3
    And maybe I should write something about my bunch of Advent calenders too. haha

    1. Thank you! ^^ Although it get's worse quite fast here in the windy Helsinki ^^'
      You have a bunch? : D You totally should, haha!