sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

Lazy Weekend

Sooo late again... so where to begin.

Well, I had a hiphop dance performance on last week's Thursday. It was with a group, and I think it went kind of okay-ish?

I also did some birthday shopping, since 6th of December happened to be my 23rd birthday. I got two pairs of shoes and a bag~ I am also waiting to receive my new circle lenses.

The shoes and bag arrived already, and my circle lenses should arrive in a few days if they are not lost in the huge pile of Christmas stuff in the post office ^^' I'll try to take pictures of the shoes and bag soon, I have been so tired and everyday when I realize I could take photos it's so dark already -> everything is yellow.
I really need to start saving my money now for my upcoming vacation in March...

Anyhoo! Here are some pictures from last two weeks!

My birthday cake my awesome colleagues made me!!
Dessert in Pizza Hut, thanks to my roommate for
treating this to me along with the whole dinner  ^^

And some random camwhoring from yesterday. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of my makeup style recently!
In few hours I am going to see Sinister with my roommate! I hope I won't be too scared to sleep even though I love horror movies : D

Have a great week everyone!

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