lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012


Going to hop in the bandwagon and make a post about what I did this year! This post will be quite picture heavy. Let's get going, I tried to pick ones I haven't posted here before o7

Truth be told I don't have _any_ pictures from January. The reason for this is that I moved back home to help my mom with my parent's company, because my dad was hospitalized. I think during January I mostly played Final Fantasy IX and tried to update my portfolio so I would have a chance at to get an internship position in a game company. This picture is from December one year ago.

 My first picture this year. 
 About to have my first ever job interview!!

 I moved to Helsinki in the beginning of this month, and I guess I started to think about my outfits a bit more again. Also started working at Rovio as an intern \o/

I also received my first circle lenses with prescription! Loooooved them so much, and still do!

I only found one presentable picture... errr.... I think I was mostly playing Tera during April? :'D


I had our annual photoshoot with my sister, I think we started this back when I was in 9th grade?
God, I remember hating some of these photos because I thought my legs are fat... I seriously need to work with my body image ^^'
Graduated from my school, got a position as a summer trainee from Rovio.


Got my first blue circle lenses

 Company trip to Särkänniemi to check out the Angry Birds Land. If the name of this blog doesn't give you a hint already: I LOVE cottoncandy!!
 Almost got our names right :'D I can't pronounce r so this surname would be hell for me!
Finally got a haircut, and I am so happy I did!

 First time at Assembly! I want to go next year and get my own computer spot, this time I was mostly working.
 Met Asami! : )
 Went to company cruise.
Lauri came to visit and tried to fix my stool. He failed. Luckily we were awesome while playing Rayman Origins o9

 Went to my first Annyeong!Party with my sister.
 Experimented with lashes (and failed...) and got pink headset!
Went to Stockholm and rode a lion!

 Got an iPhone.

 Experimenting with my make up more than before, I think I even learned something!

Visited my old school and gave a presentation, had fun with my friends!


 Went to my second Annyeong!Party with Maria. Which sucked by the way, why do people go there if they don't want to dance and just take room on the dance floor?

Aaaand that's about it. I guess now would be a good time to continue my year's end cleanup!! I will also welcome a new baby in my family tomorrow, so I want everything to be perfect!

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