sunnuntai 13. lokakuuta 2013

~Autumn Mini Meetup~

This weekend we had a small meetup with some awesome gals! We went to take pictures, ate pizza and just talked and laughed at our derpiness. We also had a lovely furry friend with us, which didn't really help my dog fever ♥
My outfit
Shirt - Yumetenbo
Skorts - Liz Lisa
Boots - eBay
I was the only one not throwing leaves since I put on the timer
on the camera, so I'm the one who had time to try to pose :'D
Jasmin's dog Emma ♥
With Kati and Ronja

4 kommenttia:

  1. Voi elämä ku oon KAUNIS XDD en kestä elää..
    Mut ahh oli niin kivaa, hii <3

    1. Me vaan ollaan niin ihania, ei voi mitään ♥
      Niin oli, wheeee, pian uusiks :3