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So anyone who is familiar with Pin knows what awesome hair looks like, right? We have met at meetups couple of times now and I was so amazed how huge her hair really is! So I asked a few tips, googled some tutorials and decided to try to tweak one of my wigs.

I was stupid and didn't take a "before" picture, but it was this wig and it was super tangled at the ends!
So, since I didn't really know what to do since the fiber on the wig seemed so rough, I was like What the heck! I had talked with the girls at the last meetup that if the wig is already full of knots ( or, in other words, curly!) it doesn't really matter if there are a few more knots! :'3

In hindsight, I should have had more hair rollers to work with. I had to take quite big strands of hair per roller, so I couldn't roll them all the way to the "scalp".

So what I did next is sink the wig into a hot bucket of water! I turned the water as hot as possible and then let it cool down.

After the water had cooled down I hung my hairy medusa to air dry! I guess it would've taken like 2 days to be completely dry since I had such thick strands and those rollers sucked so much water in. But since I was busy during the week I let it dry like 5 days or so. At least it was ready then, haha! ´3`' 

So this is what the wig looked like after drying and these were my weapons for the task! That hairspray is like one of the cheapest you can find from a regular grocery store, but since Pin recommended it I decided to take her word for it and try it out! It proved to be quite powerful indeed!

Work in progress with the teasing! (Why does my hand look so huge...) It was quite difficult because I rarely tease my own hair, and the fiber was quite slippery. But it got easier with each strand! I still have to learn the correct technique and I will probably make some adjustments later! I got the wig to be fluffier than before but not as fluffy as I wanted it to be!

So, how did it turn out in the end? I have a mess in my bathroom at least. Maybe the wig is not as voluminous at the top as I wanted it to be but at least the curls are fluffy!

So here was the short story of my first wig modification! Sorry for the no-makeup pictures, haven't been able to wear any for a while now since I have some problems with my eyes ; _ ;

If you have any questions, ask away!
Have a great weekend! ´^`~♥

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