tiistai 29. lokakuuta 2013


So last Sunday we had decided to meet with some gals! We didn't have any specific plans except look pretty and take some pictures while we're at it! As you can see.

So first we just went to hang out in Tennispalatsi, and after chatting for a while we decided to check if there would be any interesting movies to watch! We ended up in getting tickets for Turbo!

The only 2D show was in another movie theater, which luckily is located near Kluuvi! So off we went to take some pictures in the heavenly light! Seriously though, Finland is getting so friggin' dark, so depressing TTnTT'

Some random guy wanted a picture with us... we should've pulled these faces. I'm pretty conflicted about people taking pictures, it's flattering in a way that someone would think we look interesting enough and then again you feel kind of like a circus freak or something.... . _ .' Ofcourse it's hard to tell the difference with us, as you can see :'D
Pin, me, Jasmin and Miinu
Everyone who were able to attend that day! We were missing 3 other girls, Kati, Ronja and Anniina! Hopefully you guys will be able to make it the next time! :3

And finally some proper pictures! I am wearing the wig I showed you in my last post! I'm quite happy how it looks in the pictures, tbh it's not as pretty irl... :'D Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

Thank you girls, I had a great time~

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  1. Ootte ollu kaikki taas niin hienoina, en kestä! Tyhmä flunssa, voisin parantuu jo et jaksais tehäkin jotain ja lähtee jonneki 8D

    1. Kiitos ♥ Yritettiin ainakin! : D
      Toivottavasti paranet pian että pääsen mukaan seuraaviin karkeloihin!!